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Study Finds People Who Died From Coronavirus Could Have Lived Longer — Regardless of Underlying Conditions

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The study, which is awaiting peer review, focused on the statistical measurement called “years of potential life lost,” or the time a person would be expected to live if they didn’t die from a health event like COVID-19. The researchers used data from the World Health Organization and other groups and accounted for age, sex, and underlying health conditions when making their estimates.

  • A recent study from researchers at the University of Glasgow sought to learn more about COVID-19’s effects on life expectancy, specifically whether those dying of the novel coronavirus might otherwise have soon died of an underlying condition.
  • The study, which is awaiting peer review, estimated that the average years of life lost for a sample of coronavirus patients in Italy when controlling for a set of common underlying conditions was 13 years for men and 11 years for women.
  • The researchers noted that while they noticed a dramatic effect, their results could not control for all underlying conditions or differences among nationalities and did not adjust for other factors like smoking.

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