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METRO to Build Rapid Service Line Between the Northwest Transit Center and Downtown Houston

Written by Staff

The METRO network is expanding its rapid bus service between downtown Houston and the Northwest Transit Center at North Post Oak and Old Katy Rd. The Inner Katy Line, which is in the final planning stages, doesn’t yet have a listed construction start date. It will run almost eight miles along I-10 using exclusive lanes. The rapid transit line will run between the Northwest Transit Center and the Convention District in Downtown Houston, and includes stations at Shepherd/Durham, and Studemont. This will later be extended along the US 290 HOV lanes to Hempstead Highway to access the station for the planned High-Speed Rail project near 290 and 610 North, which will expedite travel between major cities in Texas at a fraction of current travel times. Construction on the HSR project is expected to begin this year. METRO released a detailed plan from its Interagency Coordination Meeting on its website at

The line is part of the METRO Moving Forward plan, which is part of a $3.5 billion bond approved by voters in 2019. The entire MetroNext Moving Forward plan is estimated to cost $7 billion, half of which is expected to come from federal matching grants. The remainder will be paid for by METRO’s existing .25 percent sales tax funds and METRO revenue.

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